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How Is Cloudy Gorilla Different Than The Rest?


Quality insurance leads are one of the most difficult aspects of insurance sales, particularly for those that are new to the business.


Quality telemarketing and internet leads from reputable companies can be the big break an insurance company needs to secure more business.


All leads are exclusive to the person buying the lead, they are never resold to another company

Dear Insurance Professionals,,

Having been in the insurance industry long enough, you understand how difficult it is to grow your clientele.

You’ve created your business one sale at a time and your customers rave about you, but this simply will not yield the big break your insurance company needs.

Finding that Big Break

Chasing down leads yourself is one method to acquire new customers. Unfortunately, it’s an uphill battle. You may come across prospective customers who like your products but aren’t ready to commit; other times, your final expense lead seems solid but backs out at the last minute. This can result in a lot of wasted time, leading to frustration and setbacks.

So what can you do? Fortunately, Cloudy Gorilla is here to help. We tackle all your insurance lead generation needs so you’re able to focus on what you excel at – insurance sales.

Education is Key

Our ready-to-purchase leads are honed through education. By utilizing our comprehensive collection of content, we help prospective customers determine which insurance products will work best for their needs and budget. And we don’t stop there. Along with our partners, we take our strategy even further and discover the crucial questions on their minds, helping to solidify a successful relationship.

Unrivaled Lead Generation

Our expertise in search keywords, algorithms, and SEO is top-notch. By working with a wide network of other professionals, we have developed a strong web presence. You can rest assured that when prospective customers perform a search, they will come across Cloudy Gorilla or one of our affiliates.

Along with a strong presence, our lead generation strategy is unrivaled; we know what it takes to track down leads anywhere in the US. No matter how complex their questions, we provide homeowners with the answers they need. In an overwhelming ocean of complexity, we serve as a guiding light. And that’s why we rank so high in search engine results.

When you choose Cloudy Gorilla, you receive more than just great telemarketing & internet leads; you partner with a company dedicated to making sure you enjoy successful conversion. We do this by qualifying every lead, and we amass highly targeted prospects through a variety of channels. And we don’t just vet our insurance leads. The quality of our partners is just as important to us.

What makes our leads the best?

We make sure our insurance leads are qualified and ready to buy, and you’ll quickly see this in high conversion rates. Say goodbye to flaky prospective customers and wasting your time. It is our mission to provide you with the roadmap to success. Our reputation is very important to us, and we uphold it by offering first-rate services to our clients.

Year after year, consumers are shifting to online services. Companies that can keep up with this demand are reaping the benefits. The future is bright for insurance sales, and we will be right there to help you capitalize on it.

We are Here for You

We are passionate about serving a wide variety of insurance companies, large and small. To watch newcomers start from nothing and expand into multiple markets is truly inspiring, and the same goes for our more experienced clients. We want to partner with you and offer the same tools for success. It’s hard enough to focus on work without the distraction and headache of finding new customers.

Along with our easy-to-use platform, our customer service is available 24/7 to assist you. The insurance sales industry keeps evolving, and both consumers and insurance specialists require professional consultation. We want you to have peace of mind that your leads will be lucrative. And don’t worry about cost; Cloudy Gorilla will find the perfect fit for your budget. No matter the circumstance, we will work with you to ensure a profitable outcome because our contracts are based on your satisfaction. We win when you win!

So are you in? With Cloudy Gorilla, you’re one step closer to your big break. Our leads are nothing but exceptional. And because we thoroughly vet all our leads, you can grow your customer base with confidence. The choice is easy with Cloudy Gorilla.


Your ally at Cloudy Gorilla