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Health Insurance Leads

Finding quality and consistent health insurance leads can be tough to do on your own. Instead of doing work on your own, let the professionals handle that. At Cloudy Gorilla, we can provide your company with the best leads possible. Our leads are always 100 percent exclusive and tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

Why choose us?

At Cloudy Gorilla, we’ve made our name by delivering actionable leads to clients over the course of many years. We’ve worked hard to gain a solid reputation in this business, and we will work hard to keep it. Out team has created proprietary targeting and filtering algorithms to ensure that you’ll reach the very highest potential clients at exactly the right time. Our engineers have built an easy-to-use platform that seamlessly interfaces with the most popular lead management software. Our customer service representatives work around the clock to respond to pressing questions outside of business hours. And our leads speak for themselves.

The Cloudy Gorilla difference

The old model of buying recycled junky leads just doesn’t cut it in today’s digital market. As consumers have more options before them, companies need to adapt to keep up with demand. That’s where we come in. We manage real-time sales leads from a wide variety of channels including telemarketing appointments, live transfers, and more to deliver our customers the right individuals. Our leads are exclusive. We personalize each service to suit our clients’ specific needs.

A better way

Consider this: approximately three in ten online shoppers have used one or more insurance lead sites to search for insurance quotes. Furthermore, nearly 50 percent of these same shoppers reported visiting lead aggregation sites, according to a ComScore insurance shopping study. If you want to set your business on a better track than the rest, it pays to go with proven experience. There are lots of companies out there who are willing to sell you outdated leads that will get you nowhere. At Cloudy Gorilla, we custom create lead generations for each client to make sure that we deliver the best possible leads for your needs. One try is all it takes to see what a difference that fresh, reliable health insurance leads can make.

Don’t saddle your sales team with discounted leads. Let us create a custom program that will fit your company and target the right kind of customers. Good leads can take you from a good quarter to your best quarter. And we’d like to be part of that.

If you’re interested, connect with us today. Set up an appointment or call us at 1-888-571-6660 and we’ll develop a plan to put your sales on the fast track.